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The benefits of CCTV lies in obtaining and recording information, making it not only an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against crime, particularly in deterring thieves and other criminals from private property, but CCTV can also make an excellent tool in management.

Controlling staff activities across large sites, especially monitoring production lines in the manufacturing industry. Whether you want it for health and safety reasons or to supervise at a distance. A record of events in supervised areas can be a vital element in preventing false insurance claims being laid against you.

Technological developments in digital camera technology mean that good quality CCTV systems are available at a fraction of the cost they were even ten years ago, providing you with impressive surveillance, whatever your budget and application.
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CCTV Installer

What are the most important features of a CCTV System?
CCTV Security Cameras CCTV Cameras - It is important that CCTV Cameras are able to produce noise-free images in very low-light conditions.
CCTV Installer CCTV Lighting - Lighting should meet demands for low energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and long lasting life.
CCTV Security Installer CCTV DVR - Efficient DVR models should support fast frame
rate recording, efficient playback, search and export capabilities.
CCTV Security Installer