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Salto Access Control
With a new networked lock set that provides you with a vast range of access control applications, SALTO Systems offers you their first RFID system that can be upgraded at any future point.

Providing you with a self programmable electronic locking system, the Salto xS4 is the ultimate solution for easy-to-use access control. Using a mid range ROM system that provides you with high performance data storage on card, Salto Xs4 doesn’t require a central control system form a computer and is compatible with SALTO’s Virtual (SVN) system.  The compatibility with Salto Virtual Network (SVN) system allows you control the access permission of all users and doors within the system, enabling you to manage an entire building or over a selection of buildings all from the comfort of your desktop pc. The added bonus is that with SALTO’s Systems’ XS4 RFID system there isn’t any cabling required connecting all of the doors.
Self programmable Access Control system
Offering you self programmable access control, SALTO’s XS4 e-lock or e-cylinder system means that you don’t need to replace any keys or locks is you have any lost or stolen. With this self programmable system, you only need to delete the specific key information from the system and create a new one for the user.

An access control system that can be updated at any time, SALTO’s XS4 can grow with you business. SALTO XS4 can be updated into a ROM or Data on Car SVN system which out having to change you your door hardware.
SALTO RFID ROM access control system
If you require a higher level of control with your access control system, then the SALTO XS4 RFID ROM system can provide you with the perfect solution. Allowing you to control who enters your premises and when, this system offers the benefits of a stand-alone access control system in a cost effective and compact package that provides you high performance and efficiency.

For more information on Salto Access Control, contact your local NASIC member.
SALTO Data on Card access system
Designed for use in larger buildings, SALTO XS4 Data on Card access control helps use to operate in an environment that is tidy and wire free. Keeping you original doors and locks in place, installing SALTS XS4 data on card is straightforward, fast and self contained.

Allowing you to control your entire building remotely, this advanced software system enables standalone locks to read, receive and write information using any operating smart cards. SVN online hotspots that are located at calculated points around the building will detect receive the data on the cards, uploading or downloading the user related information, allowing you to permit, control and deny entry to that specific user.
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