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Wireless Alarms
Why wireless is the way forward for intruder alarm systems
When first introduced, wireless alarm systems were more likely to cause false alarms compared to your more conventional wired alarm. However over the past few years alarm manufacturers, such as Texecom, have invested millions of pounds to develop more reliable system which now are now no problems and offer better reliability and durability compared to wired alarms.
Wireless Alarms
Wireless Alarms
Wireless systems are more resilient to damage
Due to the fact that wireless alarms have no wires, there is less exposure to cables that would be more vulnerable to accidental damage or weathering such as wind and rain. Furthermore, if your building is being renovated it makes it much easier to move a wireless alarm compared to a wired system.

Wireless Alarms

Smartphone control options available
Many of the latest wireless alarms, such as Texecom, offer the ability to control your alarm via your smartphone. This here is great for those who may have forgotten to set their alarm and wont have to go back to their home/ office to set the alarm.
Wireless Alarms
Easier and more simple to use
The range of alarms on the market, such as Texecom, have been developed their wireless systems to be simple and easy to use for all ages of people
Wireless Alarms
Easier installation
Because their is no hard wiring involved with a wireless system, it is much easier to install the system as well as saving on time as well as money.
Wireless Alarms
Cheaper costs involved with wireless alarms
Wired alarms take longer to install due to the fact that a lot of hard wiring is involved. Because of the lack of wires in wireless systems it takes less time to install which save you on installation costs.
Wireless Alarms
AWARD WINNING alarm technology
Texecom have won many awards for their wireless alarms making them one of the leading experts in alarm technology. For more information on alarms, speak with a NASIC member today.
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